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Book on behalf of your guests.

Unlock convenience and elevate your guests' getaway with a CellarPass Concierge account.

Effortlessly book on behalf of your guests, manage their reservations, and provide a seamless booking experience. Maximize your time while delighting your guests, to showcase your providing exceptional hospitality services.


Offer a seamless booking experience for your guests

Book Reservations

You can make bookings on behalf of your guests, whether it's for private or public experiences.

This convenient feature allows you to handle reservations smoothly, ensuring a seamless booking process and a delightful experience for your guests.

Manage Reservations

You have the ability to view, reschedule, and cancel reservations on behalf of your guests.

This feature empowers you to efficiently manage and modify bookings as necessary, ensuring a seamless and flexible experience for both you and your guests.

Receive rewards

Properties can utilize advanced systems and technologies to effectively track bookings, generate insightful reports, and establish incentive programs to reward individuals who book visits on behalf of their guests.

Off-network experiences

Properties can extend their hospitality beyond online bookings, allowing you to effortlessly reserve off-network events online.

Elevate your guests' visit to new heights, creating truly extraordinary and personalized experiences.

Book on Behalf of Your Guests

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