Our newest features

We constantly add and improve features throughout our platform every week.

Promote products

Create retails products and easily promote them on your business page.

Promote food menus

Let guests know what food items are available so they are ready to order the moment they arrive.

TablePro app

Our TablePro app for iPads provides
all the features you need to properly
manage servers, sections, guests &
more, including chit printing.

One platform, many solutions

Get noticed, claim your business page

Google Analytics

Quickly identify which marketing ad campaigns are working and scuttle those that don't.

Get noticed

Our website is one of the top 300 websites in the Food & Beverage category. #SEO

Menu items & add-ons

Promote retail products and food menus so guests are ready to order the moment they arrive.

Sticky website

Our content-rich site engages visitors 2x longer than Tock- (8:08 min. compared to their puney 3:03 min.)

Buyers, not browsers

We attract & engage better, more-qualified guests than Tock.

Promote events

With built-in ticketing features, publish your events in just a couple of clicks & watch ticket sales fly!

Start engaging!

Claim your business page, today!

Reservations promo

Innovative, must-have reservation features

Complete control

Quickly identify which marketing and ad campaigns are working and scuttles those that are not.

Identify club members

Automate discounts or comps on experiences or offer club-member exclusive experiences.

Menu items & add-ons

Easily offer guests the choice of wine flights, adding a charcuterie plate and much more.

Pre-paid or not

Setup each event to have their own unique pre-paid booking policy.

Embedded widget

Embed the booking widget directly into your website & easily customize to match your site's theme.

Lot's of I/O

CellarPass offers the most integration options over any other guest management platform- period.

Identifying the VIPs

Connect CellarPass to your club management platform and automate discounts & offer exclusive experiences.

It's all about the LTV

By connecting to your eCommerce app, you'll know the type of customer you are booking; a whale or a first-timer.

Increased frequency

CellarPass allows guests to book up to 365 days' in advance, netting you more returning guests than Tock.

Empty seats cost you millions every year!

Fill those empty seats with our well-qualified guests looking for new experiences just like yours.

Reservation features

Unique, must-have ticketing features

Easy setup

CellarPass offers an intuitive, user-friendly platform that is easy to set up and customize.

Unlimited ticket levels

Whether you host a single-day event or multi-day event, you can offer customized ticket levels.

Reward VIPs

Automatically comp special guests or expose private ticket levels with the use of access codes.


Simple and secure payment processing system, enabling organizers to sell tickets and collect payments quickly and efficiently.

Attract & engage

Marketing tools to promote events to a targeted audience to instantly maximize ticket sales.

Support & community

CellarPass provides excellent customer support and a thriving community of event organizers.

Post your first event in minutes

With more customizable features than Eventbrite, you'll look & feel like a seasoned pro in no time.

Ticketing features

Finally, a POS you won't curse at


A POS app should have a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use for employees and customers- that's Synergy POS.

Inventory management

Inventory management to track stock levels, set reorder points, and generate alerts for low inventory levels.

Customer service

Collect and manage customer data, including contact information, view purchase & visit history, and preferences.

Club members

Quickly identify club members to provide automated discounts, access exclusive products & experiences.


Seamlessly with the hardware used by the business, such as barcode scanners, printers, and cash drawers.


CellarPass offers the most integration options over any other guest management platform- period.

Portable Point of Sale

The Synergy POS provides all the features you need to provide a stress-free sales experience.

Point of Sale Features

TablePro, level-up your hospitality

iPad ready

Enjoy the portability of the iPad, allowing you to view, book, assign servers and seat guests in just a few taps.

Floor plans

You are not a restaurant, so why be forced to manage floor plans because it's completely optional in CellarPass.


One interface allows you to view and book reservations across multiple properties.


From covers to seating reports, TablePro allows you to spot opportunities of efficiency.

Point of sale

Integrated Point of Sale for the iPad makes the seamless transition from seating guests to ringing up sales.

Easy check-in

CellarPass offers the most integration options over any other guest management platform- period.

Seamless table management

Whether you manage yields using floor plans or not, TablePro has you covered.

TablePro Features

Exclusive, must-have passport features

Multi-day tickets

Whether your passport is a single day, a weekend, a month or all year-long, we've got the solution you are looking for.

Will call locations

Easily control number of tickets sold to each will call location, ensuring all participating locations receive guests.

Grow participation

Eliminate the "booze cruise" participation effect. We have the tools and know-how that will bring businesses back to your passport.


Need even more control? Couple our passports with our reservation tools for the ultimate guest management solution.

Itinerary planner

Guests will appreciate our seamless itinerary planner, giving them an "Outlook-like" view of their passport weekend.

Easy check-in

CellarPass offers the most integration options over any other guest management platform- period.

Grow your participation

Exclusive features that will have your constituents wanting to participate in a passport again.

Passport features