The story behind CellarPass

It all started back in 2006 with an
idea of booking winery visits was
sketched on a paper napkin.

Our team members have a passion for thriving in our workspace
CellarPass works with leading distilleries
CellarPass manages reservations for many leading wineries
CellarPass works with leading breweries
Passion is what leads us to the next chapter

How we started

The idea of CellarPass started way back in 2006 as module to our all-in-one DTC solution for wineries.

David vs Goliath: We thrive at helping small businesses just like yours stay competitive in an industry that is surrounded by megabrands.

CellarPass works with small to large tasting rooms

Take a look at our numbers


Founded since 2009

Conceived in 2006, officially launched in 2009 during a tricky economy.


Guests booked

Millions of relationships & memorable lifetime moments created.


Number of businesses

Join the community of thriving businesses on CellarPass.


Active users

We focus on quality, not quantity.

We’re driven by strong values

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Simplicity is key in designing a guest management app. Easy navigation, intuitive use, and efficient outcomes enhance guest satisfaction and productivity.

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Integrity is key in designing a guest management app, ensuring trust, reliability, and data protection.

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Teamwork is crucial in designing an-all-in-one app. Collaboration among team members ensures a cohesive and functional app, leading to a user-friendly product that meets guest and staff needs.

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Excellence is crucial in successful app design, ensuring high quality, user satisfaction, and positive outcomes.

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Creativity is crucial in successful app design, enabling unique user experiences, solving problems, and fostering engagement and loyalty.

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