The Benefits of Using Gift Cards for Your Business

No matter the size and scope of your business, a modern gift card program can be easy and affordable to implement.

The Benefits of Using Gift Cards for Your Business

When it comes to gift cards, there’s something for everyone to love. Whether it’s seamless convenience, purchasing flexibility, choice potential or dependable gift-recipient approval, gift cards are a go-to for consumers.Businesses like yours have even more reason to love gift cards. Merchants all over the world use gift cards to raise awareness and grow their sales. Adding gift cards to your marketing mix can further engage your customers and keep them coming back.

As online shopping and global e-commerce continue to reshape the retail industry, digital offerings have further propelled the popularity of gift card programs. According to Blackhawk Network, a global prepaid and gift card industry leader, digital gift cards are gaining even more acceptance among consumers.

Among retailers who accepted digital payments, shopping frequency increased by 69% and spending amount grew by 54%, according to Blackhawk. Additionally, 85% of shoppers surveyed reported that digital wallets made their shopping experience easier.

No matter the size and scope of your business, a modern gift card program can be easy and affordable to implement. Consider these eight ways that gift cards can further benefit your business.

1. Gift cards build brand awareness

Gift cards represent cost-effective advertising that can help keep your business top of mind with your market. Traditional plastic cards offer wallet-sized advertisements to share your organization’s messaging, and they cost a lot less than a physical billboard. In addition to convenience, virtual gift cards promote your brand messaging with online customers.

2. Gift cards capture more holiday sales

Holiday sales rushes aren’t for traditional retail businesses anymore. Gift cards allow all types of businesses to catch the holiday spirit. From gym memberships to car wash subscriptions, lawncare, home maintenance and salon services, gift card programs can make the holidays brighter for everyone – whatever their interests are.

3. Gift cards enable the use of digital wallets

Addressing the consumer demand for digital payments, a modern gift card program can offer digital options in addition to traditional cards. Using our Digital Gift Plus platform, a custom-branded gift card website can offer your customers both digital and physical gift cards. This site connects to your e-commerce payment gateway for a convenient gift card purchasing experience.

4. Gift cards enable customer engagement

Engagement with a customer starts with a gift card, but it doesn’t have to end there. Gift card programs open doors to deeper customer relationships and additional marketing opportunities. Gift givers are essentially your brand ambassadors, so you want to ensure recipients and givers alike are left feeling uplifted by their experience.

5. Gift cards generate useful data

Gift cards open doors that allow you to better understand your customers and then serve them more effectively. Gift cards can help you collect vital data that can give you valuable insights into your market. They can also be linked to online registrations, allowing your customers to communicate their preferences so you can further address their wants and needs.

6. Gift cards are safe and convenient

Traditional paper gift certificates enjoyed a long run of popularity and remain viable at small scale. Today’s gift cards, however, are safer and more accessible than paper certificates that were vulnerable to loss, theft and fraud from duplication. As for convenience, you can accept gift cards the same way you accept credit and debit cards: online, in your app or in a store location.

7. Gift cards offer easy distribution

Gift cards are a cost-effective use of in-store space. Gift card malls in larger venues like grocery stores expose your brand to even more potential customers. We offer gift card distribution in popular gift card malls, placing your cards alongside well-known brands in leading retail stores.

8. Gift cards improve cash flow

Gift card programs can improve cash flow, especially compared to other marketing techniques. Traditional marketing strategies with strong demonstrated return on investment take time to gain traction for sales results. Selling gift cards allows you to generate revenue in advance of providing products or services.


A gift card program is a valuable addition to any business, offering a range of benefits. Firstly, it encourages customer loyalty by providing a convenient and flexible gift option for special occasions. Secondly, it drives sales as gift card recipients are likely to spend more than the value of the card. Thirdly, it increases brand exposure as gift cards act as mini advertisements in the wallets of recipients. Fourthly, it improves cash flow as gift card sales generate upfront revenue. Lastly, it reduces fraud risks as gift cards are secure and less prone to theft compared to cash. Overall, a gift card program boosts sales, promotes customer loyalty, enhances brand visibility, and improves financial management for your business.

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